There are 3 types of web containers are possible

  1. Stand alone
  2. In process
  3. Out process

Stand alone web containers

If both web server and web container are available in a single integrated component,such type of web containers are called stand alone web containers.
Stand alone web container are most rarely used web containers
Example Tomcat

In process web containers

If the web container runs in the same address space of web server as plug-in,Such type of web containers are called in process web containers.The main advantage of these are we can go for different vendors.
This type of web containers are best suitable for small scale web applications.
Web server from Apache
Web container from Jboss

Out process web containers

If web container and web server both running an different machines such type of web containers are called as out process web containers
The mostly commonly used web container are out process containers
front end:Apache servers running on machine 1
back end:Weblogic servers running on machine 2