JSTL core library dividing into the following four parts based on functionality.

General purpose tags

  1. <c:out >
  2. <c:set>
  3. <c:remove>
  4. <c:catch>

Conditional tags

  1. <c:if>
  2. <c:choose>
  3. <c:when>
  4. <c:otherwise>

Iteration tags

  1. <c:forEach>
  2. <c:forTokens>

URL Related tags

  1. <c:import>
  2. <c:url>
  3. <c:redirect>
  4. <c:param>

Installing JSTL

By default JSTL functionality is not available to the jsp, we can provide JSTL functionality by placing the following jar files in web-application lib folder.

  1. jstl-1.2.jar: it contains JSTL API defined by the sun people.
  2. standard.jar: provides library implementation classes by web-server vendor.

It is recommended to place these jar files at server level (tomcat\lib) instead of application level.

To make core library available to the jsp we have to declare taglib directive as follows.

    <% @ taglib prefix ="c" uri = "http:/java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" %>