Steps to Download Latest Version of Java

Navigate to the link

Click on the Download Java (Java Platform (JDK) 7u51)
After Clicking on the Java Logo it will redirect you to actual download page
On the download page you have to click on radio button to accept terms and conditions of Oracle

Select appropriate version as per requirement.
Click on download link after that downloading will be started.

Step by Step procedure to Install JDK

  1. Go to Folder where you have downloaded jdk setup.
  2. jdk1

  3. Now Double Click on the setup file. (jdk-7u2-window-x64 is jdk file in my case)
  4. Following Setup window will gets opened
  5. jdk2

  6. Now Click on “Next” button.
  7. jdk3

  8. It will prompt you optional features to be installed. Let it be default. Now did on ‘next”
  9. Now Keep Path as default.
  10. jd4

    After following series of above screenshots finish window will gets opened.Now next step is to setting up classpath so that you can run java programs.
    JAVA Checking installation
    Step 1 : Checking Directory Structure
    1. After installing JDK , Restart system.
    2. Open My Computer and Check Java Installation Directory
    3. These two folders gets created inside “My Computer = > C Drive = > Program File = > Java“.
    4. Check Inside JDK folder and look for “java” , “javac” application files.
    5.If these files are present then 75% we are on right track.Now Let’s check whether “javac” is working properly or not.
    JAVA path setting.
    Windows 7:
    1. From the desktop, right click the Computer icon.
    2. Choose Properties from the context menu.
    3. Click the Advanced system settings link.
    4. Click Environment Variables. In the section System Variables, find the PATH environment variable and select it. Click Edit. If the PATH environment variable does not exist, click New.
    5. In the Edit System Variable (or New System Variable) window, specify the value of the PATH environment variable. Click OK. Close all remaining windows by clicking OK.


    Clock on OK
    How to Check version of Java installed in System ?
    1. Open Command Prompt.
    2. Make sure that you have set up class path.
    3. Just type following command lava -version” inside command Prompt.
    4. It will return you the version you are using.
    5. It will also mention Operating system type. (It shows that OS is 64 bit).

    Step 2 : Writing Sample Program
    6. Create “code” folder inside C Drive. (call it as —
    7. Copy paste following code snippet and paste into notepad. (Dont forgot to save File using .java extenstion)
    8. Now open the command prompt.
    9. Type the following commands.