Java History

  1. Java was developed by Sun Microsystems in the early 1990’s.
  2. Java was initially developed for setup boxes,which are operated by remote controls.
  3. Initially the project was unsuccessful,because no one wanted to use it.
  4. Earlier name of java was “OAK”.
  5. There was already a programming language called ‘OAK’,so they decided to rename ‘OAK’.
  6. They renamed ‘OAK’ as ‘JAVA’ in 1994.
  7. Creator of java was ‘James Gosling’(also known as father of java).
  8. After renaming ‘OAK’ to java they publicly released Java on MAY,27,1995.
  9. Java was targeted for internet development.

Why the name Java?

James Gosling and his team members were consuming a lot of coffee while developing this language.They felt that they were able to develop a better language because of the good quality coffee they consumed.So the coffee had its own role in developing this language and good quality coffee was exported to the entire world from a place called ‘Java island’. Hence they fixed the name of the place for the language as Java. And the symbol for Java language is coffee cup and saucer.

Parts of Java

Sun Microsystems has divided Java into below 3 parts.

  1. JSE
    JSE stands for “Java Standard Edition”.JSE deals with developing desktop applications,applications for networks and exploring java library(built in class ,methods).
    Example:Eclipse, Netbeans.
  2. JEE
    JEE stands for “Java Enterprise Edition”.JEE deals with developing business solutions for network.
    Example:Online Banking System.
  3. JME
    JME stands for “Java Mobile Edition”.JME deals with developing mobile applications,embedded systems and wireless applications.